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Exam Schedule

OHS 2nd Semester Exams

Semester exams will be held June 7, 8 and 9, please see the schedule below. 

Tuesday, June 7
First Period Subjects                   8:00 - 10:00
Fourth Period Subjects               10:10 - 12:10

Wednesday, June 8
Second Period Subjects               8:00  -  10:00                                      
Third Period Subjects                  10:10  -  12:10                                
Fifth Period Subjects                     1:15  -   3:15                                  

Thursday,  June 9                                                                     
Sixth Period Subjects                    8:00 - !0:00                              
Seventh Period Subjects              10:10 - 12:10



1. Exams must be taken at the time scheduled unless approved by the teacher and principal. Except in cases of illness, no extensions should be granted beyond the last scheduled exam.

2. No bells will ring during exams but students are expected to be prompt.

3. Students are not to loiter in the hall during exams.

4. The cafeteria will NOT serve lunch during the 3 examination days.

5. Monitored quiet study is available all three days in the cafeteria as well as the media center. Students should not arrive so much in advance of the scheduled test time that they disturb students involved in testing. Early arrivals should report to the cafeteria or media center.

6. Students are not permitted to visit the elementary schools during the exam schedule.

7. IF school would be canceled due to weather on an exam day, the exams would stay on the same schedule; i.e., whatever was scheduled to be next would be next.