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OHS Communication Information

To keep parents informed, Oakwood Schools uses different platforms to share information.  We continue to update our practices and policies to help you stay engaged in Oakwood Schools.

Oakwood Schools website (
Our District website is your main source of information and important forms.  We continue to update the website regularly to have the latest information available.  On the website, you can find:

Family Communications Hub
This informative page, found through the Family portal on the top of the District and all building home pages, provides easy access to contact information and key resources. 

Email Mailing List
The District uses Messages, a mass email system associated with our website.  By signing up for this service, you can subscribe to different email lists to receive newsletters, program information and district-wide news.  You should update your account at the beginning of each school year and whenever you change your email contact information.  You will find information on creating and managing an account under Resources on each Home page. 

To stay engaged with the District, we recommend subscribing to:

Superintendent Information ~ You will receive emails from Dr. Gupta and other district-wide news.                  
School Information ~ Be sure and subscribe to the School Information list for all of the buildings your students attend.
Class of ~ By subscribing to your child’s graduation year, you will receive emails targeting that grade level.  If your student is at Smith or Harman, be sure and sign up for the correct list.

This program allows you to pay student fees and add money to student lunch accounts online. 

Here you will find dates for non-athletic school activities. There is a main District calendar and each building has its own calendar with events pertaining to that building. To see athletic schedules, please go to our athletic site via the Athletic button on the main page of the district site or directly at

Checking Assignment/Grades 
Progress Book allows you to monitor your child’s grades and view report cards.  Parents new to the District will be given a password enabling them to sign in.  The sign-in link can be found on the District website.  Progress Book login and password information remains the same for returning students. If you need help resetting a forgotten password, please contact the Technology Dept. at 297-1513.

Also On Our Website
Activities & Athletics                                                Principal’s Page             
Contact Information/Office Hours                         Program of Study       
Cafeteria Menus & Price Lists                                  School Supply Lists                
Guidance Department/Counselor Info                  Student Handbooks                     
PTO Information         

Each building will be sending regularly scheduled newsletters to parents using the School Information list for that building.  The various PTO groups for the buildings will also be using the School Information lists to send their regularly scheduled newsletters.

Social Media
The district and each building use social media to entertain, share information and highlight activities. We encourage you to follow us at:

@OakwoodSchools (Facebook)
@Oakwood_Schools (X)
@oakwood_schools (Instagram)

@OakwoodHigh (X)

@oakwoodjuniorhigh (Instagram)

@HarmanOakwoodSchools (Facebook)

@LangeOakwoodSchools (Facebook)

@SmithOakwoodSchools (Facebook)

Revoke of Consent
Oakwood Schools frequently has the opportunity to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our students. Whether it’s receiving an award, participating in classroom projects, performing in fine arts programs or on the playing field, or taking part in other worthwhile activities, we want to recognize and promote our students.

This recognition may appear on District websites, in print publications and on District-controlled social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This recognition may include photos of students as well as their names and teachers’ names, in some instances. It may also include pictures or other representations of students’ artistic work, including visual and written pieces.

We also occasionally have members of the professional media visit our buildings to cover events and unique approaches to education our staff can offer our students. Media access to students does not happen within our schools without District knowledge and supervision. We do not provide direct access to students when the media is covering topics that might be considered controversial without parental permission.

Default consent and release for this type of recognition are granted to the District. However, we know there may be families who prefer their students not be included in such photographs and recognition. Only families wishing to DENY this consent need take action.

We require those families to inform us, in writing by Nov. 15 of each school year, of their desire to have their students excluded from District-managed recognition by completing the Request to Revoke Consent form found on the District website ( or obtained from any school office. Completed forms must be returned to your child’s school by Nov. 15 this year to ensure we have a current list of students whose activities the district SHOULD NOT publicly acknowledge on the website, on social media or in other public forums. Again, only families wishing to DENY this consent need take action.

Revoke of Consent form