OHS Department Updates

October 2020 Update

English Department News

On the testing front: We commend the achievement of the 2019-20 AP English students and their teachers. For English Literature this year, 85% of students earned a three or above, while only 60.1% of students globally earned a 3 or above.  In English Language and Composition, 72% of the students earned a three or above, while only 62% of students globally earned a three or above. Congratulations on a job well done.

In classroom news: While the 12th grade students are using literary theory to construct meaning from dense and complex poetry and prose, the 11th grade students are deeply reading the classic “coming of age” novels: The Catcher in the Rye and The House on Mango Street. As the 10th grade students are decoding the deeper meaning of the novel Lord of the Flies, the 9th grade students are starting a narrative writing unit that will culminate with them submitting their creative pieces to The Dottie Yeck Good Life Essay Contest. Finally, the junior high students are cultivating their love of reading by selecting independent reading books, by setting challenging reading goals, and by enjoying a reading day outside under the tents.

Fine Arts Department News

The Fine and Performing Arts Department is getting CREATIVE this year for projects and instruction methods! The good news is, all students are able to engage in these elective classes because both teachers and students are working together to make it happen! Much of the music instruction, practice, and performances are taking place outside. Thanks to the tents provided by the PTO and great fall weather so far, we have been able to successfully make forward progress in all areas. The students enrolled in the Fine Arts classes have been exploring new instructional methods so that digital handouts, video demonstrations, and photographed turn-in procedures keep project production on track with few disruptions. This is certainly a new way of experiencing and participating in the Fine and Performing Arts, but everyone is doing a wonderful job! 

Guidance Department News

The college application process is well underway for this year.  Seniors are encouraged to turn in their applications as soon as possible to meet the necessary deadlines. Counselors require a two-week turnaround period, and a transcript fee of $4.00 is required to process each application.  Seniors should note that December 4 is the last day the guidance office is accepting college applications with a January 1 deadline.  In order to meet this deadline, teacher recommendation letters should be requested two weeks prior to our Thanksgiving break.

College representatives are virtually visiting the guidance office daily.  Please remember that seniors, juniors and sophomores are permitted to attend these informative meetings.  Students must sign up for the visits in advance through their Naviance accounts. 

National Merit:  We are pleased to announce that  Jackson Bauer, Lane Bokros, Caron Rohan, and Luke Smallwood  have been named Semifinalists in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.  These four individuals have the opportunity to continue in the Scholarship competition.  The following students have been named Commended Students in the 2021 National Merit Program:  Meredith Chambers, Albert Choi, Natalie Connelly, Bryn Cortez, Shiraz Hamid, Lily McCloskey, and Amelia Merithew.

Math Department News

The Math Department is  collaborating on lessons to align with our hybrid model. We are exploring the use of new technology tools to help support assessment and instruction. The department is using a variety of platforms in conjunction with Google Classroom, such as Desmos, Goformative, and Edpuzzle. Desmos is known for its graphing utility, however it is also used for lesson delivery allowing students to manipulate objects and graphs to facilitate class discussions. Goformative also allows for lesson delivery and has the capability of immediate feedback, so students can make necessary corrections. Students and teachers have the ability to communicate with each other through the comment component. Epuzzle delivers video lessons with a pause and questions capability and teachers and students can check for understanding at multiple segments of the video. All of these platforms are being used in the blended learning model to address student needs. 

We applaud the seventy-three 2019-2020 AP math students and their teachers (Mr. Jay Lane, Calculus AB, Mr. Callon, Calculus BC, and Mr. Polk, Calculus AB & AP Statistics) for averaging a 3.7 score over all three courses. The shortened AP math exams consisted of only two free response questions. Students had 25 minutes to complete Question 1 (55% of the exam score), and five minutes to upload their response. They then had 15 minutes to complete Question 2 (45% of the exam score), and five minutes to upload their response. We thank them for their tremendous effort and preparation during an unprecedented time.

Practical Arts Department News

The Practical Arts department is off and running with the blended learning start to the 2020-2021 school year.  Physical education classes are utilizing on-site instruction time to practice the skills necessary for participation in various activities.  The off-site instruction is focused on locating community resources that will allow students to stay physically active.  The Real Skills classes are finishing up a sewing unit.  Students will have the unique opportunity to showcase their sewing skills while wearing the masks that they create in class.  Health classes are currently learning about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.  Students will also learn how to handle peer pressure by practicing various refusal skills.  The Everyday Foods classes are using the blended learning playlists to access class activities and recipes both during school and at home.  Finally, the Wall Street 101 classes are competing in the Budget Challenge Simulation.  Students are also looking forward to the stock market challenge that will begin in October.  Overall, the Practical Arts department is excited to be back at school and providing real-world educational opportunities for students.  

Science Department News

The Science Department is off to a great start this school year utilizing new textbooks and resources purchased as a result of the curriculum review process.  We continue to challenge students and provide unique learning experiences throughout our classrooms.   We are excited to have Mrs. Brittany Juhas, who student-taught last year with Mr. Rainsberger & Mrs. Edwards, as our new Biology and Environmental Science teacher.  Mrs. Juhas has been a great addition to the department.

Even in the hybrid schedule, teachers are finding ways to challenge students and to continue lab experiences to provide the unique Oakwood Education.  Our AP Science scores continued to top national averages with 95% of our AP Chemistry, 75% of our AP Physics and 86% of our AP Biology students earning a 3 or higher on the exam earning college credit.  The commitment and time both our teachers and students put into their courses with zero labs definitely shows.

Social Studies Department News

As we embark on this unique and unprecedented school year, the social studies department continues to find new and safe ways to provide exceptional instruction.  In Miss Randall’s freshman Modern World Studies course, students held a mock trial on the school’s front steps.  Mr. Connelly conducted an AP US Government debate over democratic political theory in the courtyard.  And in Mrs. Ammer’s Modern American History course, students participated in a social distanced simulation on unions.

Congratulations to our 2019-20 AP students and their instructors (Mr. Moore, AP American History and AP European History; Mr. Deters, AP American Government and AP World History; Mr. Connolly, AP American Government; and Mr. Miller, AP Comparative Politics) for achieving outstanding exam results this past spring.   One hundred and eight-six Oakwood students took Advanced Placement exams in American Government & Politics, Comparative Government, U.S. History, European History and World History with a great average exam score of 3.86!  

Special Education Department News

We are pleased to introduce Mr. Alex Bush, a long term sub for the 1st semester.  Mr. Bush was born and raised in Beavercreek Ohio. After high school, he attended Ohio University and majored in mild to moderate special education. During his college years, he was an active member of the Student Council for Exceptional Children. Mr. Bush did his student teaching at Alexander Middle School and High School in Albany, Ohio.  He states, "As a long-term sub, right out of college I am loving my time here at Oakwood. Every single staff member has shown me the utmost respect, and guidance in helping me along with my first year of teaching. I could not think of a better place to be than here at Oakwood, and I am extremely thankful to be a part of such a wonderful school district." The junior high also utilizes Mr. Bush's talents as the 7th-grade football coach!  Please welcome Mr. Bush if you see him around. 

In addition, the department is preparing to soon welcome a student-teacher, Christina Miller.  Ms. Miller is finishing up a degree in special education from the University of Dayton. She is a 4th-year student (senior) and will be working with several teachers in both the junior and senior high in order to gain a variety of experiences.  

World Language Department News

The World Languages Department at OJHS/OHS is very excited to be back in the classroom with students this fall!  The team has been busy learning and implementing new technology to help our students to continue to learn in a hybrid-education environment.

Additionally, the World Languages Department is pleased to announce a new addition to the team: Madame Marie Jergens.  Madame Jergens comes to us from Bellbrook High School, where she spent the past six years teaching French levels 1-5.  This year at OHS, she is teaching French 3, French 3 Honors, French 4, and French 5AP; as well as working as a co-advisor of the OHS French Club.

Madame Jergens earned her bachelor’s degree in French from Wright State University in 2011; her diplôme in French from l’Université catholique de l’ouest in Angers, France; and her masters degree in Education from Wright State University in 2014.  She has spent time living and studying abroad in both France and Italy.

In addition to teaching, Madame Jergens enjoys the theater and is an avid traveler, having already visited over thirty different countries throughout the world.  With her enthusiasm in the classroom, her excellence in the French language, and her vast knowledge of cultures throughout the world, Madame Jergens is an outstanding addition to the World Languages team.